The Vulcan Z3 Spinner

World-Class Engineering and Superior Bearings

The Z3’s premium R188 hybrid ceramic bearing gives you amazing 3+ minutes spin times

Ultra Durable and Easy To Clean

The high-grade brass prevents dings and dents, while the removable caps make cleaning the bearing a breeze.

Quiet, Silky Smooth Spins

Spin the Vulcan Z3 in the classroom or office without anyone noticing.

The Ultimate Guide to Fidget Spinners eBook. Download your copy now!

The Vulcan Gallery

What people are saying

This an incredibly durable and well built object that can withstand a punishing amount of fidgeting. I have the fidget cube on my desk and find myself preferring this device. Highly recommended.

Zach Bought on Amazon

Just got this spinner. I have to say I am highly impressed. It’s great quality and the spin time is amazing. I personally got mine to spin for 3 minutes and 51 seconds you definitely need this if you are into spinners

Amazon Customer #1 Bought on Amazon

This is an AWESOME spinner!! I’ve seen others before, but this is the highest quality one I’ve ever come across (my buddy is jealous –plans to order his soon!). Also, the e-book offered is outstanding — VERY helpful! I now know what my nephew is getting for his birthday….!

Amazon Customer #2 Bought on Amazon

I like this spinner. High quality, seems to have good bearings and spins for a long time. And it gives me something to do while reading boring documents at my desk at work.

Brian C. Bought on Amazon

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